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Moody Connie(308-639-3273)
McElroy Jerry(308-879-0133)
Brothers Brad R(308-879-4655)
Monheiser Roger(308-879-0131)
Dvorak Laura(308-879-4674)
Dvorak Scott(308-879-4674)
Hicks Amee(308-879-9449)
Hicks Todd(308-879-9449)
Potter Co-Op Food Store(308-879-4511)
Potter Family Grocery Llc(308-879-4511)
Flea Market(308-879-4311)
Senior Citizens Center(308-879-4216)
Potter Public Library(308-879-4345)
Wilkie Bernidean(308-879-4489)
Wilkie Max(308-879-4489)
Wilson Joseph(308-879-9494)
Gaston's Service(308-879-4454)
Enevoldsen Insurance Agency(308-879-4451)
Potter State Bank of Potter The(308-879-4451)
Potter Sundry(308-879-4548)
Johnson A(308-879-4582)
Kasten Pat(308-879-4540)
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