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Purdum United Church of Christ(308-834-3223)
Markowski Eugene C(308-772-4504)
Markowski Landra(308-772-4504)
Jorgensen Michael(308-772-3543)
Ardissono Helen(308-772-3374)
Lawson Nikki(308-772-3538)
Weinerman Ray(308-772-3538)
Olson William S(308-772-4131)
Gregg Cynthia(308-772-3460)
Gregg Douglas W(308-772-3460)
Douglas Florence(308-772-4003)
Bandy Jesse N(308-772-3247)
Bandy Mary L(308-772-3247)
Adams Carolyn(308-772-0135)
Ahlquist R(308-772-0128)
Bell Isaac(308-772-4502)
French James S(308-772-4355)
Lane Margie(308-772-4417)
Lehman Jerry(308-772-0101)
Lesuer Donald H(308-772-9992)
Markham Mike(308-772-9952)
Mitchell Jessie(308-772-3778)
Oshkosh City of(308-772-3941)
Redwine Deffie(308-772-0136)
Rubsam David(308-772-9987)
Rubsam Ruth(308-772-9987)
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