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Antelope County of(402-776-2515)
Shell Creek Lutheran Church(402-447-6122)
Widhalm Roger(402-447-2727)
Knust Mark(402-447-6121)
Radenslaben Terry C(402-447-6426)
Patzel R L(402-447-6320)
Bechtold Harry(402-447-2413)
Sawyer Milan L(402-447-6352)
Thompson Douglas A(402-447-2738)
Granger Richard(402-447-6391)
Lilja Rodney(402-447-2282)
Becher Albert(402-447-6273)
Thompson David(402-447-6038)
Koenig Larry(402-447-6425)
Wissenburg Gene(402-447-2255)
Hilmer Bonita(402-447-2476)
Hilmer Paul(402-447-2476)
Heartland Veterinary Clinic(402-447-6344)
First National Bank of Newman Grove(402-447-6211)
Gerhart Agency(402-447-6211)
Loup Power District(402-395-2159)
Jodi's Hair Classic(402-447-2420)
Wyant John(402-447-6498)
Bloksyl Deb(402-447-9978)
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