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Goff James W(308-282-2139)
Webster Jay(308-282-2337)
Rawles Fred W(308-282-0072)
Saxton John(308-282-2844)
H & R Block(308-282-2669)
Barb Schaer Real Estate(308-282-1516)
Isham Will(308-282-2804)
King Dennis D(308-282-0690)
Smith King & Freudenberg Att(308-282-0690)
Smith Michael V(308-282-0690)
Masonic Temple(308-282-1415)
Kistler Kathie(308-282-1704)
Kistler Tracy(308-282-1704)
Delgado Frankie(308-282-2863)
United Methodist Church(308-282-0526)
Petersen Eva(308-282-2801)
Petersen Jerod(308-282-2801)
Church of God(308-282-1342)
Stuck Niccie S(308-282-2433)
Roe Jim(308-282-0817)
Gordon School District(308-282-0216)
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