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Bartels Wilma(308-882-5861)
Curtis Housing Authority(308-367-4163)
Cole Hazen Jr(308-367-8608)
Cole Construction(308-367-8608)
Andrews Garlan(308-367-8332)
Andrews Neva(308-367-8332)
Barnum Jim(308-367-4358)
Crawford Kenneth(308-367-5480)
Palic Lavina(308-367-4488)
Peterson Louise(308-367-4492)
Wood Caroline(308-366-8610)
Wilson David(308-367-4225)
Foerster Tina(308-367-4490)
Castor Marvin(308-367-4298)
Madsen Lucille(308-367-4489)
Madron Travis(308-367-5508)
Talich Gary E(308-366-8614)
United Church of Christ(308-367-5511)
Hall Steve(308-367-8355)
Shipman Melvin(308-367-4192)
Willis Bob(308-367-5515)
Willis Tori(308-367-5515)
Cooper Delila(308-367-8813)
Pelkey Linda(308-367-5548)
Holbird Kristie(308-366-8641)
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