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Arthur City of(308-764-2258)
Nordquist R 4 R Electric(308-532-3313)
Nordquist Randy(308-534-6448)
Anderson Lavern(308-532-3253)
Gerken Ron(308-534-4271)
Valley Christian Church(308-532-4090)
Glidden Robert(308-534-1047)
Barrett Wesley V(308-532-1538)
Hoover Gregg(308-532-2675)
Exner Donald A(308-532-3671)
Majors Bob(308-534-9716)
Majors Colleen(308-534-9716)
Smith Brooks(308-532-2570)
Doolittle M L(308-532-4692)
Leeper Don L(308-534-2571)
Leeper Kennels(308-534-2571)
Bedke Merlon K(308-534-5918)
Williams Ray M(308-534-7849)
Williams Silvia(308-534-7849)
Henry Larry(308-532-7661)
Schoenholz Scott(308-534-4496)
Northey Norman(308-532-6282)
Rookstool Gene(308-532-7767)
Taylor Jeff(308-532-2523)
Willard Karen(308-534-3664)
Willard Tim(308-534-3664)
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