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Alda Post Office(308-384-3119)
Zimmer Jack(308-395-9595)
Peterson Arden(308-384-0243)
Edwardson Garth(308-389-3451)
G & T Construction(308-389-3451)
Siemers Trucking Inc(308-381-0605)
Payne Richard(308-384-7965)
Penner Don(308-382-7980)
Miller Christina(308-382-3170)
Miller Nate(308-382-3170)
Simmons Helen(308-382-7788)
Landers Leonard(308-384-2719)
Landers Victoria(308-384-2719)
Horn Leon H(308-384-1368)
Rank Kenneth E(308-384-1522)
Slattery Timothy(308-384-0254)
Smith D H(308-384-3691)
Strehle Dorothy(308-382-7202)
Dubas Florence(308-382-3459)
Placzek Kevin(308-384-2498)
Sturgill John(308-382-2319)
Cameron Burnell(308-382-0752)
Susan's Spare Stitchin'(308-379-1302)
Necas Andy Jr(308-382-6771)
Middagh Eleanor(308-382-0569)
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