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Adcock Madonna(402-387-2899)
Donovan Joe(402-376-2303)
Tilgner Peggy(402-376-1149)
Radant Gerald(402-376-8048)
Radant Jean(402-376-8048)
Holmes Gwendolyn(402-376-5905)
Bruns Bobby(402-376-3161)
Ohlmann Don(402-376-2943)
Ohlmann Joyce(402-376-2943)
Fisher Katherine(402-376-3601)
Fox E W(402-376-2643)
Lutton Osie(402-376-2235)
Malone Laura(402-376-1437)
Schroeder Mary E(402-376-1246)
Lutheran Church Grace(402-376-3593)
Lutheran Church & School Grace(402-376-3248)
Sippert Steve(402-376-3248)
Beel Gerald(402-376-1477)
Beel Marianne(402-376-1477)
Beman Jerry(402-376-1747)
Bristol Melvin(402-376-2129)
Cochran Kenneth(402-376-1277)
Davenport Michael(402-376-1033)
Deuel Edith(402-376-8047)
Deuel Patrick(402-376-8047)
Eddie E J(402-376-3091)
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